Accounting & Tax Services


Core Services

We are a general practitioner in the areas of bookkeeping, accounting and tax services Services offered in collaboration with a CPA, CA who is licensed to practice public accounting.

These services are regulated (by the CICA through practice inspections), insured (with liability insurance) and include notice to reader, review and audit engagements.

Human resource consulting:

• developing compensation programs
• defining and developing job descriptions with related grades in conjunction with performance appraisal systems and bonus plans
• developing appropriate organizational structures and optimal span of control modifications
• interview, and assisting in the hiring of candidates

Specialty Services

• network of affiliates in the event that specialty services are required
• assisting small enterprises in preparing business plans
• assisting clients over the hump of the initial business cycle stage


Our Minimum Standards

Compliance with CICA engagement standards (if licensed public accounting is required) for Notice to Reader compilation engagements; unique customized general ledger maintained for each accounting client; integration of accounting with tax work, negotiation and reporting to meet Bank’s information requirements

Role of Accountant

• Professional: expert on accounting, tax
• Salesman: business development
• Interviewer: what is client’s situation?
• Diplomat: what’s black, white, or grey

• Counselor: objective, unbiased advice
• Educator: tips on managing business
• Taskmaster: meeting deadlines
• Mentor: helps keep you out of trouble


If licensed public accounting is required, the fee is far more reasonable then the large CA firms.

A small business could expect to pay between $1,500 & $2,500 for:

• Bookkeeping and accounting Notice to Reader Compilation Report (public accounting) associated tax work (personal/corporate)
• Business Plans are approximately $2,500 to $5,000. This is an in-depth project with the expected outcome being a document which helps the entrepreneur run his business better and obtain access to capital.

Rates can only be confirmed once we have had the opportunity to review your systems, records, and processes.


Tax Preparation and Filing

Does your preparer:

• provide tax planning?

• have tax experience; is tax their core job?

• sometimes know less about tax then you?

• have a professional accounting designation?

• offer EFILE?

• close down after tax season?

• reconcile your tax return to your notice of assessment?

• really know your tax situation?

• respond if your tax situation suddenly becomes complex?

Our Professional tax services:

We send clients tax planning advice and a tax checklist

Tax filings are core to our business. We are not dabblers.

We are tax practitioners with experience handling tax issues for investments, rental operations, businesses, etc.

Our preparer is a CPA, CA and licensed public accountant.

We do, and clients often receive refunds within two weeks of filing.

We are open year round.

We do. We respond immediately if CRA’s Notice of Assessment differs from what we filed.

We get to know every client and give ourselves enough time to do a proper job.

We have considerable estate and trust filing experience so we can stay on as your accountant when your tax situation becomes complex. 32 years experience.