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Welcome to Investors Choice Financial Management Ltd.

Inspiring confidence, delivering results and exceeding clients expectations.


We review each monitoring client’s portfolio quarterly and report on each manager along with the variance of the overall portfolio to the target asset mix. Annually, we meet face to face or over the phone and review performance, managers, and update our understanding of our client’s situation. We don’t do spin. We report objectively and factually on how a client’s portfolio has performed against appropriate benchmarks.

The same rigor is applied in our tax practice. We send all tax clients the current year’s tax changes and planning opportunities and a checklist for the current year. We report when CRA accepts a client’s e-file and issues its Notice of Assessment. We immediately notify the client and investigate in the event the CRA Notice differs from what was originally filed.

Our rigorous approach gives our clients confidence that their financial affairs are in good hands.


We continuously update our knowledge of the investment management industry and are considered as an analyst or gate keeper firm. As such, we gain direct access to portfolio managers. These managers are generally motivated to meet with us, and are forthcoming because any business we generate for them costs them nothing. We are a “fee only” firm paid strictly by our clients, not through sales commissions.

On a quarterly basis we conduct a detailed review of each client’s holdings to assess how the actual portfolio compares to the target asset mix and report on significant world events that impact the portfolio. We meet with our clients at least annually, either in person or by phone. It is our sincere belief that a disciplined application of this process will result in superior investment outcomes and above average performance, over time.


In the murky world of conflicts of interest, kickbacks and self-serving advice from commissioned sales representatives, it is paramount for investors and taxpayers to get advice from an independent professional. It is only when a client pays the professional directly that they can be assured of independent, objective advice. Our compensation is not influenced by any asset class or investment manager selection.


We bring years of experience in the investment management industry to bear on our work for each private client. Our experience as investment performance verification auditor, since 1997, assists us in screening risky or disreputable investment managers.