Due Diligence & Acquisitions


Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Mumbai, India

J. Michael Lowry and BSE Chief Operating Officer

Special Services & Acquisitions: We conducted due diligence and acquisition services to assist a Canadian investment manager acquire a 5% stake in the Bombay Stock Exchange. This was a significant and historic transaction and milestone for both India and Canada.

Due Diligence Includes but is not limited to:

• Introducing the potential buyer and what they hope to accomplish with their investment
• Meeting with the target country’s regulator to ensure they are kept abreast of developments concerning a foreign acquisition of a domestic institution
• Meeting with and gaining perspectives from senior management
• Articulating benefits of selling to our client versus other potential buyers
• Identifying core deficiencies and problem areas in the potential investment
• Assessing the target company against its local competitors
• Arranging for the buyer to meet with the seller once a definitive interest has been established
• Assist in the setup and structure of the investment, to mitigate the potential for double taxation

We have conducted due diligence in other regions, including Asia, Africa and Australia.