Investment Management Industry Consulting


Leverage our knowledge of the investment management industry.

Investors Choice has conducted in-depth interviews with many of Canada’s leading money management firms and those U.S. based firms that are available to Canadian investors. We are also considered industry experts by firms specializing in private client investment services and have conducted numerous consulting engagements with money management firms. We frequently speak at industry association conferences.

Our services include the following:

• Investment manager search, evaluation and monitoring for high net-worth individual investors.
• Developing improved practices for estimating the Net Asset Values for offshore Hedge Funds managed in Canada.
• Consulting for investment managers. Major assignments have included business planning, market analysis and competitive positioning, and financial forecasting and planning.

• Facilitating workshops for investment managers on strategies for successfully marketing to and servicing private clients.
• Conducting research for investment managers on the relative size and market share of the various investment managers within the Canadian private client marketplace.
• Developing and training investment representatives on the industry to hone their investment and client management skills.

We offer the Canadian investment management community consulting so that a firm can achieve GIPS® compliance that may help you in your efforts to enhance your credibility and competitiveness in the investment management marketplace.

Being GIPS® compliant benefits firms in the following ways:

• helps distinguish firms from other investment advisors who have not had their performance records examined by independent specialists
• provides an objective assessment of past performance

• improves existing performance disclosure, and reputation among independent search consultants
• incorporates GIPS® compliance in a firm’s marketing efforts
• conveys that you adhere to industry best practices

We currently serve clients across Canada.

Expertise in the Canadian Investment Management Industry

Our detailed knowledge of the investment management industry, marketplace and individual players is brought to bear on every consulting engagement we conduct. This insight enables us to identify strategic synergies within the investment management community and has lead to cooperative business relations between firms we have worked with.