Corporate Client Services


Investors Choice provides comprehensive accounting and tax services for your business needs.

Our extensive experience in tax and accounting helps you minimize tax and better manage your business.

Core Services

• We are a general practitioner in the areas of bookkeeping, accounting and tax services
• Services offered in conjunction with a CPA, CA who is licensed to practice public accounting. These services are regulated (by the CICA through practice inspections), insured (with liability insurance) and include notice to reader, review and audit engagements.

Specialty Services

• human resource consulting:

• developing compensation programs
• defining and developing job descriptions with related grades in conjunction with performance appraisal systems and bonus plans
• developing appropriate organizational structures and optimal span of control modifications
• interview, and assisting in the hiring of candidates

• network of affiliates in the event that
specialty services are required
• assisting small enterprises in preparing business plans
• assisting clients over the hump of the initial business cycle stage

Client Base includes:

• Investment holding companies
• Non-incorporated business proprietorships
• Retail enterprises
• Medical practices
• Canadian controlled private corporations

• Small business entrepreneurs
• Service based companies
• Consulting Practice
• Training and Education Firms

Our Minimum Standards

Unique customized general ledger maintained for each accounting client. Integration of accounting with tax work, negotiation and reporting to meet Bank’s information requirements

Role of Accountant:

Professional: expert on accounting, tax
Salesman: business development
Interviewer: what is client’s situation?
Diplomat: what’s black, white, or grey

Educator: tips on managing business
Taskmaster: meeting deadlines
Mentor: helps keep you out of trouble